Welcome to the gfJules gluten free community!

Gluten-free living can actually be pretty awesome. This site is a testament to that.

Looking for gluten-free recipes? Jules has well over 350 of them—all proven, all easily explained, all dairy-free as well. And whether you’re looking for a specific finished recipe, or have an ingredient in mind, you can search her recipes any way you wish.

do you cookJules’ gluten-free flour resides here, too. It’s the only site where you find that amazing, often heralded creation—accompanied by its creator. And finally, after what has felt like an eternity, gfJules™ All Purpose Gluten Free Flour is available for purchase! Following on its wheat-free heels will come a parade of her gluten free mixes in quick succession.


Ramping back up has taken super-human energy, passion and faith—and not just from Jules, but from indescribably wonderful family and friends in the gluten-free community. This site is also a testament to the power of this community.

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